Antique Movers

We at Elate Movers want to take some of the worry out of moving your fine antiques on moving day. With us on the job, you won’t have to stress about the safety and security of prized antiques. You should not leave your antique moving to an inexperienced moving company. They deserve the best possible treatment available, and we’re here to help.

Antique Moving Services

Your antiques are extremely valuable and unique works of art, and if they are damaged, broken or lost, they will be gone forever. Family heirlooms, especially old and beautiful antiques, often not only have high monetary value but sentimental values well. So put them in the best hands possible with Elate’s antique movers.

We are specially trained in moving delicate, antique furniture. We use specialized packing materials and crating techniques to make sure each object is stowed securely for the move. Our antique movers team is equally adept at unpacking each valuable item and placing them in the new location whether it’s furniture or fine china.

Instead of arranging a moving day with a run-of-the-mill moving company that may only have adequate experience and training to handle your valuable possessions, you should go with known experts in the antique movers business.Whether you are a family moving into a new home, or perhaps the owner of a business endeavoring to move multiple antiques to a new location,Elate Movers is your best choice for professionalism and care.

We also have experience in helping customers with last minute moves in addition to those moves that have been planned in detail for many months. If you or your company has suddenly determined that things need transferring to a new location, you can rest easy and be assured that your precious antiques will be moved safely and efficiently. Our customers sing the praises of our antique movers team’s diligence and expertise in managing the safe movement of their possessions.

Pack and Unpacking Types: crating and bubble wrap

We at Elate Movers know that antiques must be handled with skilled and special care. Your antiques are carefully wrapped in paper before being padded in blankets and shrink-wrapped for even more protection before being delicately and specifically placed in our moving vehicles. The most important part is to ensure that your precious antique is properly arranged in the truck. In the case that Elate Movers are transporting more than just your heirlooms, the antiques will often be added last after all other boxes and items have been placed in the truck. This makes it so that they are less likely to bump or jostle into other items. They will also be the first objects to be taken out of the truck. In the transport vehicle, each item is strapped and protected after loading to make sure the antique arrives in the same loved condition we found them in at the beginning of the moving process.

Some pieces may also require crating or other special packaging, which we also offer as an antiques moving service.Depending on the antique item, because fine china and Tiffany lamps need different treatment than a piece of furniture, we specialize the packing. Foam wrap can easily keep glass and wood articles safe. Bubble wrap and moving blankets are also a great choice to provide extra security. Our wooden crates can function as a protective shell. All making sure your beloved pieces make it safely to their new home.

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