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"Main goal for our commercial or office movers in NYC, New York is always to reach and exceed the scheduled time-frame of initially setup agreement despite of size of the move.

Our professional corporate relocation department will be able easy to plan, stage and move any large scale corporate offices and moving project in a record amount of time.

All our commercial movers are trained certified unionized workers, union carpenters, union supervisors and union project managers".

Our corporate and business relocation department is pleased to gladly offer you our professional office moving and installation services of any complexity within Manhattan, New York, New Jersey area and Greenwich CT. Please be aware that the walkthrough onsite estimate is the most efficient and professional way to determine the scope of work, detailed move requirements and location of work, timeframe of moving project completion and the final costs of your move. Within the walkthrough our professional and experience corporate relocation specialist will develop a thorough understanding of your project needs, review the project outline including the time factors, identify furniture, equipment, files and other contents that need to be relocated; review building constraints at all locations such as elevators, lobbies and loading docks; meet with building management at both locations to discuss issues such as insurance and accessibility.

ELATE Corporate and Business Relocation Department realizes and understands that each day of commercial and office moving or corporate relocation will cost you tons of money every day. That's why even the large size office or large scale commercial space moving services and corporate relocation services we can secure and perform in a record amount of time. We have enough technical, equipment and professional labor resources easily to move 100.000 square feet in one day for the convenience of your commercial or corporate relocation needs within Manhattan, New York, New Jersey pr Greenwich CT. If you have for example 500,000 square feet of commercial space which needs to be moved because of expansion or relocation etc within Manhattan, New York or New Jersey we can handle this move for you just in 3-4 days or even less using 120-150 and in certain instances up to 200 highly trained and experienced union professionals, supervisors and project managers. We will assign an Elate project manager to oversee the move. We will plan your move from the most beginning to the final stage in the most efficient and profitable for you way. We will properly tag and mark all office furniture and equipment, files, boxes, computer equipment, crates. At the end of the move we will remove all used packing materials, tape, boxes including office crates, dispose all necessarily furniture upon client request and initiate the final walkthrough with client to respond to potential move-related insurance claims if any.

Elate Manhattan Office Moving Services is A rated in New York, New Jersey and Greenwich CT competitive market because of the high-end quality and many years earned reputation.

We provide the quotes and pricing for commercial move based on the square footage and scope of work needs to be done if it’s a building, hourly rate or firmed fixed rate in most cases. If your corporate, office or commercial building in Manhattan, NY or Greenwich CT or any other area needs solely union movers as the main requirements we can definitely accommodate your needs and building requirements along with the certificate if insurance requirements. We currently run the highest possible value of general liability and umbrella/excess liability insurance which is $10 million what makes Elate accessible to absolutely every building in Manhattan and Greenwich.

Business and corporate relocation, office moving is complicated and it's one of our main fields we are specialized. We have all last technology moving, technical equipment and supplies to complete your move in the most efficient way. We can pack and provide for sale/rental the 100% recyclable plastic moving boxes and bins for your files and documentation, file boxes,corrugated office boxes, plastic crates etc. Elate Moving will take care of asset and property protection such as wall protection, masonite in both buildings etc.