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Tackling the Local Moving Process

Local moves are the single most commonly requested moving service. US Census data estimates that about 10% of the nation’s population moves locally every year! Local moves usually involve relocation to a new residence within 50 miles of the original location, but that can still be an extremely complicated experience, especially in a heavily populated city. Even for short-distance moves, it can make an enormous difference to ensure that an experienced local moving company is there to help out. City living can be a logistic labyrinth, and even a local move can be a serious headache. But that’s where Elate Moving excels: our local moving services have mastered the complex process of moving in and out of apartment buildings, multi-family complexes, condos, and offices. We tackle any kind of local move, whether you are moving into a first-floor residency or into the top floor of a city skyscraper, and we are experts at safely negotiating the constant obstacles of narrow stairwells, high-traffic locations, cramped hallways, and all the problems that plague the moving process. We make sure to communicate with the building managers at both locations, complying with any building regulations, ensuring that services elevators, parking, and any restrictions do not prevent an easy moving process. Elate Moving’s professional local movers that provides a full-service resource for a stress-free experience.

What Does a Local Move Involve?

Elate is a local moving company that goes above and beyond simply transporting your belongings: we provide a range of services to help you get set up in your new location. We offer a full packing and unpacking service that uses high-quality packing supplies, saving you the tedious task of getting boxes and bubble wrap and safely packaging up all of your belongings. Additionally, once we are moving into your new location, our local home moving services include installation and layout of your appliances and furniture to give you an optimal setup. We also ensure the removal of debris and packing waste, so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible. And, of course, a dedicated moving specialist will be in communication with you every step of the way to give you the assurance that everything is going according to plan. In addition to our services as professional local movers, Elate provides a range of storage services that are available in case your new location is not quite ready for a full move-in or any other concerns. Since each city and neighborhood is different, we make sure that our local moving services are planned out to address your specific needs. We provide price estimates for each step in the process, offering transparency that will let you know you’re getting the best deal possible. For interstate local moves, we take additional planning steps and Elate Moving possesses a wide network of resources to tackle any complications that may arise.

Using Elate for Your Local Move

The moving process can be complicated, but Elate Moving provides a local moving service that streamlines the entire procedure. Before moving, your professional local movers will coordinate with you to take a full inventory and provide a detailed estimate. We can assist by offering packing materials before the move, consultation on streamlining your inventory, and we’ll discuss the plan so you’ll know what to expect. We’ll take note of any fragile or delicate items to ensure that they have extra protection on their journey. On moving day, your experienced crew greet you at a prearranged time and the crew captain will discuss the process will confirm the moving details. The crew will pack and protect all of your items for the move, disconnecting and uninstalling any appliances and moving efficiently into our moving vehicles. After moving into your new location, we will unpack your inventory and can offer services for appliance installation and furniture reconstruction. After the move, we will be on hand for any questions or extra help that you may require. If you’re interested in a local move, contact us or start the moving process online! We can help provide all the information and services to help give you the most effective and easy moving experience.

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