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Why to move to Toronto? Many people every year are moving more often to Canada from the US as Canada. Specially Toronto offers more quality for US family people including but not limiting the free health insurance, less expensive home and apartment to buy, more friendlier people, healthier food, cheaper insurance, restaurants etc. Most US people moving to Toronto as it's very close from the east cost or midwest large cities such as NYC, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia. Adaptation for US people and families is not so hard as we have in Toronto the same diversification of different race people, same English language and there are a lot of similarities between Toronto and large US cities.
When people moving from Boston to Toronto that's mostly the settled family people who want to change their life for more quiet pace. Many students, alumnus or office people receive new job offers from Toronto businesses as well or many Boston, New York, Washington DC headquartered companies transfer the company employees to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver for further work with a short term or long term contracts. Toronto is one of the best places to live for families with kids with a better healthcare system, less expensive prices for rent etc.
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