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We do exclusive, express,

Next Day deliveries


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Washington DC is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the US, the political US center with a lot of government and political organization, embassies, international and US based company headquarters etc. Many people from Washington DC receives a job offer to work in Toronto via job transfer or if it's a new job seeker. Washington DC is a very rich city of history with the most famous place such as Georgetown, the Capitol etc what it definitely is worth to visit. A lot of historical landmarks, Art Galleries, largest world headquarters for government and private organizations are based in Washington DC.
If you are looking to move from Washington, DC to Toronto, here’s a few thing you might want to know. Cost of living in DC is higher compared to Toronto, so it might be a better long term decision to move to Toronto. Rental laws in Toronto are much more favorable to renters compared to Washington DC. Rent increases are fixed, all leases become a monthly lease after a year and can only be terminated for specific causes and a lot of the fees and stipulations you're used to are illegal (no safety deposit just first and last month's rent, no pets fees, no restrictions on pets in normal apartments, and some others). Just imagine for your convenience Elate Moving llc offers to use brand new trucks with the same movers and trucks at both pick up DC and Toronto delivery locations. Guaranteed next day delivery. No need to be at the customs border in Canada or the US side too. Please contact us to get a quote and more details.
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