Terms and Condition

Payment Terms

– We accept: Cash, Certified Bank Check (Cashier’s Check, Treasurer’s check etc.), Money Order, Chase Quick Pay (Zelle), Wire Transfer, any major Credit card with 4% convenience fee, Venmo(@elate-moving) with 2% convenience fee, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum). 

– Certified Bank Check should be made out to Kevin Britt with memo “Elate Moving Services”. 

– If paying by Credit Card, the cardholder must be present at the time of transaction, CC authorization form must be filled out; also we’ll need a copy of the credit card (front and back) and copy of credit card holder’s government-issued ID in order to process credit card payment. 

– If paying by Chase Quick Pay (Zelle), the payment should be made within business hours (Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm so our accounting team can verify payment to the driver/foreman. Payments should be made to the email [email protected] 

– If paying by Wire Transfer, the payment must be accepted in full before beginning of the move – no exceptions 

– The personal/business/company check will not be accepted. 

– On a day of the move, the payment must be collected in full before unloading a truck at destination – no exceptions. 

– Gratuity for the crew is not included in the price of the move. Tip at your discretion.  

– For long distance (cross-country) relocations: 50% of balance must be paid upon loading a truck at origin and the remainder to be paid at destination before unloading a truck. 

Elate Moving’s responsibilities: 

  • Provide all labor and equipment required to duly execute the move;
  • Have available boxes and packing materials (for purchase) on the move day in case packing is not included in price indicated above;
  • Wrap and secure all furniture prior to removal;
  • Complete packing as indicated above;
  • Transport all goods as agreed upon from origin to the destination;
  • Removal of moving blankets from furniture and place all items in the appropriate room and area as per your direction at the destination.

Customer’s pre-move responsibilities: 

  • If full packing service is not included, complete packing as indicated above. All loose items must be boxed up and ready to go;
  • Packed By Owner: Elate Moving LLC. has no way of knowing the said contents/condition of boxes that were packed by the customer (shipper). Therefore, Elate Moving LLC will not accept claims for a damaged item contained in a box that our personnel did not pack, unless of course there is clear and visible evidence that damage occurred during our handling.
  • Schedule the move and reserve an elevator (if applicable) with all buildings involved. Please note, Elate Moving LLC is not responsible for scheduling the move with the building\reserving the elevator in the building as it is sole responsibility of the tenant;
  • In case your building requires a certificate of insurance (COI) please obtain and forward building management requirements (Who is certificate holder? Who is additional insured?) and email address of building manager/super/concierge.  Please note, the COI will be sent directly to building manager/super/concierge about 5-7 days before a move;
  • Take care of moving the currency, valuable papers, jewelry, precious stones, laptops, tablets, cell phones, firearms and ammunition etc. Elate Moving is unable to move these items;
  • Reserve a parking spot next to the building (if possible);
  • Review the Enclosed Written Binding Estimate and contact us with any questions;
  • You can make changes on your plan of the move by contacting our representative.
  • Please follow the link from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association on your rights and responsibilities.

Customer’s move day responsibilities: 

  • Be present for the duration of the move. If you are unable to be present for the duration of the move Elate Moving must be notified and responsible representative duly authorized to make decisions must be provided;
  • Have ready payment before offloading a truck at destination; for long distance (cross country) moves, 50% of the balance must be paid upon loading a truck at origin and the rest of the balance must be paid before offloading the truck at destination.
  • If any items are unable to be delivered at the destination due to working restrictions by the building or size limitations (ex. Item cannot fit in the elevator\staircase\doorway) please be advised that Elate Moving will not be held responsible and it is your responsibility to make alternate arrangements. If Elate Moving performs additional services to accommodate for these arrangements on the day of the move additional charges might be incurred.
  • Additional services added after agreeing to this document may result in additional charges.In case additional services required during a day of the move, it should be discussed with the management of Elate Moving. The movers on-site have no authority to discuss additional services and prices, unless authorized by the management of Elate Moving LLC.
  • It is customer’s responsibility to make a walk-through in origin apartment\house to make sure that nothing is left behind before departure of the moving crew.
  • Take care of moving contents of fridge/freezer as the crew won’t be responsible for moving perishables or anything from fridge/freezer

Valuation coverage for your belongings:

  • Your belongings will be covered with free basic coverage of 60 cents per pound per article (item) by default as required by Department of Transportation;
  • If you would like to purchase the optional Declared Value Protection, please check with third party insurance company – movinginsurace.com or ask our representative regarding insurance coverage thru our insurance broker;
  • For moves into storage additional valuation is for move-ins only; separate coverage must be purchased for move-out of the storage;
  • Any additional coverage must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to the move and can’t be added under any circumstances on the day of the move.
  • Any damages/loss to personal items, furniture and property(apartment\office building, private house) must be acknowledged by the foreman (crew leader) while the movers are still on-site and such damages/loss must be duly noted in the contract (bill of lading). 
  • Any claims will be accepted for review only within 14 days upon the move.
  • All electronic devices must be checked with the crew leader before the move and right after the move before the crew leave the premises.

Hourly non-biding estimates:

The price quote we provided you is our minimum charge not the actual cost of the move. Estimate will change if we go over the minimum working hours or if you have additional items that you failed to mention. The final charge will be based on actual time used for a move and services requested. 

Factors that may impact the estimate:  Major disassembly and reassembly, special handling (of large and fragile items), unexpected packing, repacking and unpacking, rearranging furniture beyond one-time placement, narrow staircases, long hauls, traffic, no parking, freight entrances, slow elevators and construction

Tolls and Parking Tickets: If tolls and parking tickets are unavoidable during your move, they will be added to the final price of your move. We always do our best to avoid them.

* Signed indemnity agreement/hold harmless/workers compensation certificate (if required by the building) is $80/each building. 

* We offer one-time free of charge delivery of boxes (if boxes are included in the scope of work or if you want to buy them). Every next delivery will be the subject of $150 delivery fee.

* All negotiations/arrangements regarding the rates, price, surcharges etc. must be made BEFORE a move day. The rates, price, surcharges agreed upon in this contract won’t be subject to any changes on a day of actual move.

Additional Services: 

In case certain packing supplies or boxes are not included in a quote (i.e. full packing service not requested), you can always inquire with crew leader regarding materials, which are always available in a truck.

The Price list for your consideration:

Small box 1.5cf17 x 12.5 x 12.5$6.00
Medium box 3.1cf18 x16 x18$10.00
Large box 4.5cf24 x 18 x18$12.00
China box (dish pack) 5.2cf18 x18 x28$15.00
Picture box40 x 4 x 30$25.00
Wardrobe box with bar 13.1 cf24 x 20 x 47$25.00
Mattress CoverQueen, King$30.00
Flat screen TV box55 x 10 x 35$70.00
Packing paperbundle, 50 lb$60.00
Commercial bin47 x 24 x 28$100.00
Heavy duty quilted blanket$30.00
Storage paper blanket$10.00
Cardboard crate – small$60.00
Cardboard crate – medium$120.00
Cardboard crate – large$180.00
Cardboard crate – xl$250.00
Cardboard crate – xxl$350.00

The “Wait time” fee is $80 per mover per hour. A “Wait time” fee is applicable in case the movers have to wait (for any reason caused by the customer and\or building management) to get access to your current or new home. In the case of moving to Canada, delay due to the customer being late for the meeting (over 1 hour of scheduled time) with the moving crew at the border is also a subject to the Wait Time fee. The credit card used for submitting a deposit for a move will be used to charge “Wait Time” fee.

“Stair carry” fee is $0.10 per cubic foot per flight of stairs (Minimum charge – $100). The “Stair carry” fee is only applicable if the use of the stairwell wasn’t part of the original estimate\quote for a move. For example, the building has the elevator but certain items don’t fit in it or the elevator went out of order right before or during a move. The credit card used for submitting a deposit for a move will be used to charge “Stair carry” fee.

“Long carry” fee is $150-$450 (depending on the volume and distance). Long carry fee is applicable in case when there is no parking within 100 ft from service entrance to the building or nearest entrance to the private house.

Storage visit appointment is subject to $100 charge per each visit. The storage visit appointment must be scheduled at least 72 hours before desired date. Any date is subject to availability.

The charge for self-move-out from storage equals to one month of storage fee. The storage visit appointment must be scheduled at least 72 hours before desired date. Any date is subject to availability.

Please note, our storage rates are calculated on month-by-month basis. We will not be able to pro-rate the monthly storage cost even if you store your items for less than 30 days.

Applicable to long-distance moves only: if the crew isn’t able to complete unloading in one day because of the building/community/other restrictions, $1000 extra-day fee will be added to the bill 


We can provide a COI if it is required by your building management to perform a move, but  it is customer’s responsibility to obtain the requirements from the management and provide them to us via email.

We need the following information: 

1) Who is the certificate holder? 

2) Who is the additional Insured? 

*Please include the email address of building management where COI should be sent to*.

Due to insurance fraud issues in the past, the COI must and will be sent directly to building management.

The COI cannot be sent over to customers.

The COI will be processed and sent to the building management only upon scheduling a move. COI processing fee is $50/each building. Signed Indemnity agreement/hold harmless/workers compensation certificate (if specifically required by the building) is $80/each building.

  • Storage visit appointment is subject to $100 charge per each visit. The storage visit appointment must be scheduled at least 72 hours before desired date. Any date is subject to availability.
  • The charge for self move-out from storage equals to one month of storage fee. The storage visit appointment must be scheduled at least 72 hours before desired date. Any date is subject to availability.

Rescheduling\Cancellation policy:

Notice of cancellation must be given at least 72 hours prior to the day of the move via email or phone (voicemail cancellations not accepted). Otherwise, the cancellation fee will be charged ($100 cancellation fee for residential moves; 50% of quoted-move-price cancellation fee for commercial office moves). The deposit for last minute reservations (48 hours prior to actual move date) is non-refundable.

Same-day cancellations are subject to a fee of 50% of the quoted move price.‌

Move rescheduling is free of charge if made at least 24 hours before a day of the move. In case of last-minute rescheduling, late notice fee will be charged ($100 fee for residential moves; $300 fee for commercial office moves).

Please note, in the event additional services or packing materials are required on the day of the move (that were not factored into this proposal), please be advised such will be charged as used and additional fees will be incurred. We will always quote you the additional cost before proceeding.